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Location Analysis & Tools To Manage Risk, Benefit From Evolving Demographics, Migration & Climate Change  

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Slow population growth, aging of the developed world, climate change and migration will impact the nation socially, economically and environmentally

New variables will play a significant role in migration, both domestic and international. The migratory impact on the housing market, local economies and state/local fiscal health will be significant, including the rise of new geographic areas and the demise of others.

Corporations and individuals continue to underestimate the financial risks and opportunities applicable to migration and climate change. The demand for risk related information is starting to surface, but the mispricing of assets - particularly in coastal areas - and misallocation of capital is rampant.  While many decision makers opt to fly blind, the opportunities may actually exceed the risks.

Focusing on real world applications for individuals and corporate investors, DAI provides location analysis tools to identify opportunities on a granular basis, assist with risk management and evaluate the credibility of those offering these services.

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“Without quality analysis, GIS technology and the right data, a thorough location analysis is simply not possible.”